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Panther Baitboats

Designed and built in the UK

The Panther is a catamaran style boat with a single long hopper (14.5" long and 4" wide)making it the ideal boat for your carping presentation. It is also the perfect boat for predator fishing as this hopper will take good sized dead baits. Features include:


Remote controll navigation lights on the sides and rear of the boat with four bright LEDs on the front.


Propeller driven with two very powerfull motors that allow the boat to perform as good as it looks!


The brass propellers have custom designed high quality stainless steel weed guards, made localy and finnish polished in sheffield.


Fitted with phono socket for charging batteries via solar panel.


Each boat is supplied with custom made carry bag (also made in the UK!)


Powered by two 12v batteries giving an amazing 1.5 hour running time. With battery meter fitted as standard.

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